i think that you should add in another rank like premium or something like that and have the perks that vip ++++ had or something like that Mavi246

just think about it and get to me when you have made your mind up!

I was thinking about that as well and i thought it would be a good idea and do /d for disguises :) also /back for when u die you can do /back to were u died

u should make Vip+++ with more perks and make it 25 dollers

naaa 25 dollers to cheap

omg what a good idea dare

25 doller is a godd price popele might buy it

here are some of the perks that you should get /d /back /nopvp /feed /god and way more

oh wait not god that is for jrMod

For the survival server you should do /feed to restore your hunger /butcher to kill all the hostile mobs comming at you.

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