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Creative Update 1.12

Published 2017-06-11

Creative has been updated to 1.12! We're looking into peoples' requests to better the server, make a forum thread with your ideas! Unfortunately we were forced to remove the furniture mod as it wasn't saving each piece properly and was causing performance issues to players. Enjoy the latest blocks and features, be sure to update to the latest client version.

Skyblock Update 1.11.2

Published 2017-04-30

The Skyblock server has finally been revived again, we are still in the process of adding more features but the server is ready for anyone to join. You can find the server info under the 'Servers' tab above.

Survival Update 1.11.2

Published 2017-04-14

We've finally finished the survival server many have been asking for, adding plenty of new plugins and a brand new world. We hope to create a larger player base once again and keep expanding further. Please note the server supports clients from 1.4.7 to 1.11.2, but we recommend using the latest version for complete compatibility.