Player Reports!


Someone causing you trouble? Wrecking your house? Cheating? Opening an interdimensional void to a far out land full of creatures that want to eat your face? Well; look no further but here!

In order to achieve further investigation with a player being reported, it is STRONGLY advised you follow these post guidelines;

Title: In-game name of the player you want to report

1. What did this player do? 

2. When did it happen?

3. Where did it happen? Provide plot ID.

4. Optionally, who witnessed it?

5. You must include a screenshot that indicates a claim of what the player did wrong for labeling purposes. See rules below for reference.


Our team of highly trained Monkeys will be in touch with you soon (or a staff member, as the monkeys are on strike due to pay cuts.)


Please, do not pressure us into getting this solved, we're just humans (and part monkey!) We'll reply as soon as we can. :)



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Server Rules

1. Be nice
2. Do not grief
3. Do not swear excessively
4. Do not advertise other game servers
5. Do not behave inappropriately
6. Do not use CAPS excessively
7. Do not build inappropriate structures
8. Do not drop/throw/shoot lots of items, splash potions or arrows to annoy players
9. Do not impersonate staff members by changing your username or nickname
10. Occasional swearing is allowed if it does not offend another player
10b. The person who is sworn at decides whether they are offended or not
11. Do not change your nickname or username into something inappropriate
12. Any and all hacked items (custom enchantments/attributes) are NOT allowed

---- Extra WorldEdit rules ----
1. Do not abuse WorldEdit to deliberately crash the server
2. Do not copy structures with WorldEdit without the original builder's consent



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