BackSTABBER83 I was banned because of advertising, but this only happened because i was disconected with a book and quill and somehow it was thrown to someone else. the book said an ip to a different server cause i didnt get internet after the timeouts that were constantly coming up during the gameplay on this server. I was banned this morning at about 11:00am, so 29/3/2013 11:00am I believe i should get unbanned because this was all a big misunderstanding and i didnt mean to get anyone to stop playing the server and for all i know, no one ever stopped playing on it,i only wanted my friend clampittie to come and play on another server with me because whenever the server timed out i wouldnt get internet on this server again for like another 2 hours.

Understandably, we've been having issues with the server all day. You're no longer banned.


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