Title: Coolbigboy! 1. Why were you banned? I griefed joelfridge 2. When were you banned? 5/02/2013 10:00Am ( This is what joelfridge posted as the time i griefed him. 3. Why do you deserve to be unbanned? I built a city that took weeks! I am so sorry! I know I griefed and i will accept that. I will tell the complete truth here: It has not been my first grief. I did grief him! I did lie about the owner! ( I said we were skyping, we werent) I will never grief on this server or anywhere again! I am so sorry! Please! I have a city! It took months to build! And if you want, here is the page that got me banned

I've changed your permanent ban to a temporary 4 day-ban. I hope you'll think twice before doing something like this again.


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Thank you! I will never again grief! Thank you so much!

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