Survival Server.


[color=purple]I had a problem on the survival server. I was in my house and someone came inside asking if I wanted to "team up". I agreed but then my internet went off so I had to disconnect. I was gone for about an hour. I logged back in and my house was flooded with lava, my stuff was gone, and (if it matters) my dog was dead. (R.I.P Walter.) I don't know if this counts as anything. If not, I'll just suck it up and move on. But it really bothered me because I rarely even speak to anyone and never bothered any of the other players. I really hate to complain but I'm really aggravated right now. Thanks, -fluff

[color=purple]Here's some screenshots. I, of course, tried to stop the lava flow. My chest was about half full, most of it iron tools that took me forever to make. I went down into my mine (that had been mysteriously sealed off) and saw that there was a strange chest with similar tools inside. (By the way I love the "Do not steal" sign. lololol) Anyways, I'm not trying to be a tattletale. I'm just very bothered about it. I'll probably find some new items in the future. Thanks again, -fluff

If this was the survival server then sorry, griefing, killing, and stealing is all allowed. The only thing you can do is pretty much take revenge and kill and steal from the player that stole from you.


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I figured. lol Thanks anyway.

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