Thrb and Stefanisepic


[color=red]I am getting sick and tired of 10 year old kids like Thrb and Stefanisepic verbally harassing other players. Including my brother and I. I don't wish for a ban or a kick or anything. I just ask for something to be done about the language in the server. The verbal harassment of players is just not the way to go. Thank you. -Rock


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Screenshots would be really helpful, or if you could remember the exact words one of them said. I'll go look through the logs, see if I can find anything. As for the negative attitude many players have, I don't really know what to do about it. We can set up a word filter but players will always find workarounds. I'm open to suggestions if you have any. :) Edit: Zezze banned both of them for 18 hours and after reading the logs I've decided to mute them for 10 days. We'll see if they come around, otherwise they'll be muted permanently.


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:3 I got a complaint from a player while at school. So when I got home I banned them for a while.


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[color=red]Ill think of ways where we can try and solve this besides language filter, thank you for the solution for the moment:) -Rock

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