So... the dead server...

Posted 1 year ago

So, is anyone still there? Still alive and well? I've been checking in on the creative server for a while. Seems no one joins anymore. It's kinda sad tbh. I'd like to get a memo of what happened. Part of it was probably that Minecraft was getting old, and the other part was probably that people were moving on with their lives. I don't know for sure, but if anyone ever checks in at some point in the future, I hope you are all doing well. Hope while Minecraft is rising back into popularity, maybe the server will flourish into life once again. Anyway, farewell again.

Edit: Happy 4th to everyone!


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Posted 1 year ago

Someday, I'm sure it'll come.

Für den Kaiser !


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I logged on earlier today, and I can't even see anything. Everything just looks like the void except stuff like item frames and paintings stay.




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