Zara (updated)

I'm back and gayer than ever. (Except I'm not really back bc I'm lazy.)

So allow me to grant you a little bit of insight on why I'm doing this again.

So I was bored and trying to procrastinate my homework like I always do, and I somehow ended up on the forums looking at my posts from when I was younger when I really realised that wow, I was cancerous, to be honest, I wanted to slightly redeem myself from the cancer that was young me. I can never redeem myself for the sins I have committed in the past but I hope that this convinces you that well, I'm not as...well uhm...'that' as I was a few years ago.

So uh, pray for me pls lmao.

So, I'm known to most online as Zara, however, my real name is Zeinab, but honestly, I go by so many names (Michael, Shuu, Waz (don't ask about that one), etc.) that you can call me whatever the hell you want to, I don't even care anymore haha.

So basic information about me:

  • I am 14
  • My birthday is the 5th of February
  • I am located in England
  • I am genderfluid (but honestly, use any bloody pronouns you want with me because  I don't care)
  • I am panromantic (but who cares, moving on)
  • I am Asian (I want to say that because before, the second someone online found out I was Asian they flipped the fuck out (Is my race that deep?))
  • I'm a socially awkward potato aha
  • I have black hair and dark brown, practically black, eyes. (I'm running out things to say, I'll just leave this part here)


Some of my interests and things of the sort

  • Music of many, many genres
  • My favourite artist is BTS (...Yes I was an ARMY before the Wings album, my favourite song is not 'Blood Sweat and Tears' and my bias is not Jimin)
  • I love art but my god does my art suck
  • I love the piano, guitar and ukulele (I play them and a few other instruments but those are by far my absolute favourites)
  • I find makeup kind of fun, but more so as an art form (I hate wearing makeup more than anything aha)
  • I do enjoy my fair share of anime and manga (especially my yaoi  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • Cartoons too, I love me some cartoons


Some extra facts before I finish off:

  • I am in the middle of my GCSEs
  • I actually went to my first convention, Hyper Japan, yesterday aha
  • I have cosplayed only 2 times in my life
  • I am eating watermelon right now, totally irrelevant but I'm running out of things to say
  • My life is preeeeeetty boring
  •  Uhm I wear glasses...? (I'll just finish this off now...)


So there is an insight on my pretty plain life, I'm sorry if I was annoying when I was a child, I'm not like that anymore (I mean I'm still annoying but not the way I was before, I'm sorry to anyone who was exposed to the cancerous ways of my youth).

That's pretty much all I've got to offer, however, if you do want to talk with me (I really don't know why you would, but) you can contact me on the following:

Skype: zeinabhussain9

Instagram: @NightmaresReality or @_All.About.Anime_

Kik: Zaraxa01

Snapchat: MyDigitalAddict

Discord: Zara Dorame#6614


Thanks for your time haha :)

not as gay as me though

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