Exporting/Importing Plots in PlotSquared


Exporting and importing plots has changed due to the PlotMe --> PlotSquared conversion. This will show you how to use the new system which may seem difficult at first, but is easy once you know what you are doing.

Exporting a schematic

  1. Go to your plot of choice
  2. Type /plot download (You will be given a link in chat, click on it)
  3. Download the .schematic file
  4. Save this schematic somewhere safe and memorable

Importing a schematic

  1. Go to our PlotUpload menu
  2. Upload the .schematic file you saved by clicking the [Browse] button
  3. Copy the link provided in the small popup menu. (ctrl+c)
  4. Go to the plot where you would like to import your schematic
  5. Paste the link you copied and the schematic should load in


For anyone wondering where their old schematics are, I have uploaded them HERE. Read the readme.txt for more information. These schematics are from before 31st March 2017, please use the new plot uploading system from now on if you would like your schematics to be easily imported and exported.



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