LogBlock + WorldEdit = Great Partnership

I just had a conversation about this whole suggestion so just read it and ask any questions you may have in the comments below!

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Okay so you know how I dream big because I'm a big ADD twat?  

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Well, remember the Google Docs on plots suggestion?

[PlotChat] ~John: Ya

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Did you understand how it would work?

[PlotChat] ~John: Ya

 [PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Okay  

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: So when you left-click a block with bedrock or more preffered, a wooden pickaxe.

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: All that stuff comes up, right?

[PlotChat] ~John: Not WE

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: No  

[PlotChat] ~John: Only manually builds

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: But the changes made

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Okay so

 [PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: What if  

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: World Edit + LogBlock = this  

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Okay 

[21:26:20] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] First position set to (-1149.0, 33.0, -521.0) (196). 

[21:26:20] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] First position set to (-1148.0, 33.0, -521.0) (224).  [21:26:22]

[Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Second position set to (-1155.0, 33.0, -515.0) (56).  [21:26:28] 

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Parameters set to each corner

[21:26:29] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT]

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Now  

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: If LogBlock and WorldEdit could be a partnership like Math and Science,

[PlotChat] ~John: Ew  

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: It would be possible to give a demographic display of the changes  

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Instead of a bunch of blubber  

[PlotChat] ~John: Never use math and science in something supposed to be fun please  

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: So all the brick I just placed, would be removed one by one slowly as a visually 

[PlotChat] ~DoctorHiroshiHatake: Chronological representation of the changes made

If that doesn't clear it up for you, LogBlock + WorldEdit would mean that instead of all the rubbish that shows up when you left-click with bedrock or the LogBlock tool (wooden pickaxe), a visual display of the blocks placed or removed would be displayed. One block at a time. 

I hope this helps the server regarding the #SneyersulRevival!




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Not exactly, what I'm saying is it physically shows the block(s) placed or broken in a block-by-block (one-by-one) representation. I could set parameters for the area I want to see the changes ever placed or broken in, and left-click with the LogBlock tool and it would show this physical demographic.  




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Interesting idea, I'll look into creating something similar to this.

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