Annual Party/Celebration

As this topic says, the creator of it wanted there to be a party at a disco monthly or yearly. But I'm going to go a little deeper for that idea.

The idea in that post was good, but it could be better. Veetuh did comment that there would be an FNAF game, but currently, that has long gone as the linked topic was over a year ago. I'll put this simply, our staff and VIPs, but mostly staff for the work they've done needs to be more appreciated. Most of them work very hard and listen to what people have to say and will be there whenever you need them -Ahem- Jack -Ahem- and OF COURSE others. But we need to take the time to recognize our leaders and give them the recognition they richly deserve. What better way do to that is simply this: Have a public facility, which is not hard to build, which is some a club or party center. The name is not up to me. But yearly/monthly/weekly/daily we should celebrate the work they do and dedication and commitment they have shown. Whatever happens at this place would be probably some dancing, a bar, food, etc. 

Let's get the #SneyersulRevival going!




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