PlotSquared is a plots plugin. It's not too different to PlotMe, but a feature that I think might make it better than PlotMe is that it allows for players to merge their plots together.

It also offers four tiers of build permissions to plots, Owner, Trusted, Member and Denied. Trusted would be the same as added players on PlotMe. The member rank restricts building perms to only when the Owner of the plot is online. So, if the owner of the plot is not online and you only have member perms to the plot, you can't build on it. I figure this could be pretty useful.

The plugin page says that conversion from PlotMe to PlotSquared is automatic. So, that should help ease moving to this new plugin should it be added.

That is all, thank you. I hope this post has been useful. 

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Thanks for the suggestion! We've actually been planning to move to PlotSquared ever since PlotMe stopped being actively developed. The only thing that's stopping me currently is the many custom features on Sneyersul that all depend on PlotMe and would therefore have to be rewritten. I'll get to it soon.

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