Plugin Suggestion

Hey there. As you can see I have a plugin suggestion for Sneyersul, so here it is:

Long ago I had a very new hotel that was unsurprisingly unpopular. This is a problem that a lot of other people probably have. So I've pondered and thought of a solution to this dilemma. Part of the issue when I had a hotel was getting people to be able to know which room was theirs, on the rare occasion a room was requested, so for instance on different servers they have a plugin. The plugin would work through a sign placed on the door of the hotel room door. It would state the room number, the price, etc. If you right-click the sign, you rented the room, for a price of course, which is also a matter of currency which should be addressed promptly on the server. But I'll allow that to the server administrators to resolve that problem because I'm suggesting it now.


As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the #SneyersulRevival!




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