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Hi there, I'll get right to the point.

As you can see, the topic name for this is "Forum Moderators" and well, as this topic suggestion has been brought up before, I'd like to bring up some good and helpful points about in what way forum moderators would be able to be beneficial for Sneyersul.

Firstly, what exactly is a forum moderator? 

A forum moderator in this instance would be a specific set person, or persons, whom would be able to have the access to the forums that most staff members have currently.

Why should they exist?

Forum moderators for starters--and staff listen to this one--would be able to ease a huge majority of reading, commenting, and all other necessary tasks, off of staff's shoulders. This is because their specific job is to maintain and manage the forums. Which takes me to my next point.

What would they really be doing?

Okay, well, this topic has been declined or lightly dismissed in the past, but I really want it to be focused on now. For the sole purpose that Sneyersul, as we should be realists who realize that the server in all domains, Creative, Survival, Skyblock (which is in maintenance right now--because of how much it wasn't being used). Have been drastically decreasing in the player amount compared to what the popularity of what the community had previously. One thing to fix this issue is to involve the players we have right now, but of course, only the players who deserve the positions that should be implemented. Ultimately, involving more people, and not just forum moderators, will improve the growth of the server by the people understanding that they are more than just players on Sneyersul and feel like they can be used for something and make a difference. The forum moderators will be doing small, but important, tasks such as: replying to posts (in all categories unlike most staff have time to do), putting the tags (SoonTM, Denied, Solved, etc.) on the posts, and whatever is expected of them to do.

Sorry that this was so long, and I really appreciate that you read it. Please reply what concerns you might have so they can be addressed. My fellow Sneyersul players, I cannot stress the importance that it is of us to take action and help our community get back on its feet. I know you all probably hate me making the several paragraph long topics, but really I shouldn't have to. If we're really searching for a solution or solutions we wouldn't have to look much if we all pitched in a little. Every idea should be carefully considered, with relevancy and necessariness of course.

Stay tuned for future topics regarding the #SneyersulRevival!




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I think that this is what we should just leave as is. I can see this creating problems in the future, for example, someone puts out a ban appeal. Someone else, (That does not like the guy that put out the ban appeal) puts denieded. Thats your fate on the server. This can be a problem because it may have been an on accidental ban. This is why it has not been focused on Doc. For now, we need to focus on other things. Like 1.9 or 1.10. We don't need to be concerned about creating a feature that will cause problems. We also need to be focused on upgrading the server from Plotme to Plotsquared, along with the plugins and mods. This is my opinion, and just remember everyone, opinion is NOT fact!!


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I dont believe we need this at this time, for we arent exactly that big of a community to where we need seperate forum moderators. Thanks for the imput. 


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Thank you.



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I'm pretty sure I made a thread very similar to this a while ago, however I may be incorrect. 

However, now I believe that it wouldn't benefit anyone. 

The forums aren't active enough to need a staff team dedicated to it, and the currect staff already reply quite quickly to threads. The staff don't need weight off there shoulders. Replying to one or two threads doesn't take a lot of effort at all. 

We've done great so far without forum moderators, so why would we need them now?


This supports what I was saying, the forums aren't even near as active enough to need forum moderators. If we had 10+ threads a day, then I would recommend it be considered, but to be honest we really don't need forums moderators.

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