Ban Appeal

Title: Your in-game name : RayPvP_ before was RayGun160Beast

1. Why were you banned? I don't remember it happened a long time ago

2. When were you banned? Long time ago

3. Why do you deserve to be unbanned? Well I messed up when I got banned on this server and honesty is the way to go and always the answer and well to be honest I dont remember when I got banned but I remember I was trying to get myself banned, now I really regret it. I was playing on your creative server. So my brother and his friends have started to play on this server more and more often. Their names are Lamy619, Rick0831, RyanTomchik11, legoNick13, and nintendowes5000 and a few more. Anyway Aall I am asking for is a second chance and to be unbanned now I did not cheat whatsoever and I know that for a fact because I do not hack on minecraft. Now I know I messed up in the past and tried to get myself unbanned but I hope you guys will take my appeal into consideration and I hope I can play with my brother and his friends soon. Thanks and the best! -RayPvP_


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Can You Get My Brother Unbanned Please?


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RayPvP_ has been unbanned. Cheers


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