Touching Base.


So let's touch base with things, shall we?


  • Whats going on with the server?

As of right now, I currently am trying to take over Sneyersul's server maintenance and am learning the linux-based program that runs out server. There is no ETA on the current update for ANY servers, and I still don't know what we'll do with Skyblock.

  • What about survival?

Survival as of right now is the least of my worries. I'll provide updates with it as I progress with my pracitces of Putty.

  • What is going to come of the server?

​As of right now, Sneyersul will not close. We currently have enough to run the server for a good amount of time. So there is nothing to worry about on that end. I am however currently trying to integrate this community with TangoWorldWide. (Hyperlink will take you there. Go have a gander.)

  • I have a suggestion for the server, where can I put it so you can see it?

Easiest way is to reach me either through E-Mail (jakeral55 @ (no spaces.)) or steam. If you send it through e-mail please specify the title as "Sneyersul Suggestion" otherwise I will not see it.


If you have any questions, please let me know here.




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