Has someone on the server said something so stupid that you wanted to facepalm but found that you couldn't?

Have you ever wanted to poke someone with a stick? 

Or have you simply wanted to hug someone to show your love. 

Well, with this plugin, you can!



This plugin allows players to /facepalm, /hug, /poke and /highfive each other.

There's a configurable command radius that restricts actions so that two players have to be within a certain blocks of each other in order for the command to work.

A cooldown can also be configured to prevent spam of the commands.

Certain more violent commands such as /murder, /stab and /bite can be disabled by not giving the players permissions to them.



I thought this was a pretty neat plugin. I think its also purely cosmetic, so we could have this as a VIP perk if needed.

Thank you for your time.




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+1 = 2




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While I like this idea, I'm currently working with pat on trying to understand putty functions. I will get back to this, though.


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I love it!




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