Replacement of the Skyblock Server?

To start off with,

Alright, before I have people complaining, I'll go ahead and make the general statement that this would be more for the good of the server. If you think about it, something such as survival games has more advertisement appeal than Skyblock currently does, and would overall appeal more to the general population of the server already.

Now, on to what I wanted to focus on:

Survival games is something I feel like would be a nice suitor to fill the spot, but I do feel as if Skyblock sort of needs to go. It's underused, and isn't really serving much of a purpose aside from being an extra cost as far as running the servers. If it isn't changed into something, I believe it should just be taken down. 

Why Survival Games?

As far as the Survival games idea goes, I feel like it would be a nice attraction to the server, as well as an interest point. A lot of hype was built up when you guys announce that you would be adding survival games again, but as you can see, that sort of died. It doesn't need to be fancy, just a small self sustaining hunger games system. Perhaps have a monthly event of temporary VIP membership, similarly to the Player of the Month.

Like I said, these are all just ideas to play around with, but I feel like it'd overall be a better option than watching Skyblock just sit there sort of uselessly.

An issue that would need to be considered..

One issue that had been brought up with this, though, is teaming. Since this is a more personal community server, I could see how that would be an issue. It was suggested that only small teams be allowed, although I feel as though teams should just be ruled out entirely. It would be very difficult to determine what is considered a small team versus a larger team. Plus, this would make reporting teaming easier. As long as a player has proper evidence of players teaming, they can make the appropriate report on the forums, and it can be dealt with from there on out.

In conclusion,

I'm not sure how this would affect what you need to run the servers, but I wouldn't think it would be any more than Skyblock. Like I said, though, I'm not entirely sure. Although, due to the size of the server, I see it kind of unneccesary to have more than one game running at once.


I appreciate it if you've gotten it this far, and I'd love to hear your guys' support, any ideas or suggestions to add on to this, or any concerns you may want to talk about this. I honestly do feel like this could be a start to forwarding the server once again, and I do hope it can be considered and put into action.




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I believe that that is an idea which will appeal to many Sneyersul players. I wonder if, instead of Survival Games, we could use the server for a series of minigames, each only being online for a few months. After each allotted time period (For example: 3, 4 months) of a minigame being on the server (say, Survival Games, for example), the plugin will change plugins and maps and become a new minigame (say, Hide and Seek). I understand that money, time, willingness, and appeal are important factors which might hinder this idea. But that's all it is: an idea.

Snerysul is neato burrito.

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or you could possibly do a skywars server

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Unleas you have valid input into this suggestion, do not post here. (APCoffey) this is directed to you mainly.


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