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I think that the lockette mod would be a great addition to the server because people (me and EllieBarra included) enjoy making shopping centres and with lockette you can lock chests, gates and doors so that no one can steal (Even though it's creative it's annoying when you've dyed leather armour and people steal it) Thank you for taking the time to read this, Izzy

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The only disadvantage in this is random players can lock chests which isn't theirs.



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I agree with you, Jack! But only if they're added to the plot! :)

I agree Lockette Cause People always Steal My stuff It is So Annoyinng Thanks Doggyballz4

[color=blue]I'll tell Patrik about your request but I'm not quite sure how efficiently this could be done..or how necessary it even is. An alternative to getting Lockette, you guys could just store your dyed armor in an Ender Chest; those things can prove to be quite useful. Let me know if that helps any! -Zyktik


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Thank you :)

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