1. I was in a roleplay with her and tensions were rising. Finally I was trying to  do a video(in the roleplay as there were many youTubers) but Penny had to grief that part. I closed down all parts of my house and my computer room was lava'd. I didn't bedrock, but I think it was her. I drained it and discovered grief marks. I bedrocked it and PuppieLover4292 griefed it! I do not know what I was doing during this period, but after it, she lava'd it again! This is where I had to post this.

2. At 10PM EST 11/13/15

3. I don't have a screenshot, but I clearly bedrocked it.

Update 10:16PM: Penny refers to Pennyanime88. Your welcome.

Update 10:19PM: The base is -9;6. Your welcome, again.

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