Dr. Hatake (wyattjacob1)'s Introduction

Good afternoon Sneyersul! Today is October 6th, 2015 and AUTUMN IS HERE! I personally love fall (autumn) and I think that it's the time that you open your windows and wear your hoodies/jackets! (At least in the mid-west of the US).

My name is Dr. Hatake Th.D  O.D.  D.O.  D.C.  Ph.D  D.V.M.  Ed.D. D.D. M.D.  D.Sc.  Psy.D.  D.P.A.  DrP.H.  Pharm.D.  E.M.T.  D.D.S.  D.M.D.  LL.D.  D.MA.  D.Min.* 

Also known as: wyattjacob1 ; Dylan

About ME?

  • I obviously LOVE the Medical Field & Science.

  • I also like Minecraft/Sneyersul

  • Some Things That I Like To Do:

I like to be precise about things, hence the Science aspect. Everything has to be neat also, I enjoy being with my friends, and learning new skills hands on. But if there is one thing you guys should know about me is my sexuality. I don't really know who I am, or why I like what I do, but I have a pretty good guess (testosterone, hormones, etc.) But I am more or less into guys than girls, and I don't want to call myself 'unlabeled' or something along those lines, I have no problem with the term 'gay' being used for homosexual also, it's just... I don't know, because right now we're all growing up and we learn things all the time. I am too, I find myself everyday what you would call 'checking out' other guys but I am not going to chase them down and ask them out either. I am more of a laid back person. I am willing to do what you ask, I am generous and I would describe myself in these few words: Determined, Unique, Creative, Curious, Sciency, Passionate - Yes a Rainbow :P

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Just ask questions. I know that I can't take up all your brain cells reading, so just ask. I am an open book, just ask what you want to know! I love you all as friends, and I hope I can read your Introduction as well!!!


-Dylan - Dr. Hatake

*If you want to know what these mean, just see me in game, I have a book.







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