Muted for what?


The other day, I was muted for arguing with Lyfe about the new censorship thing. A mod came in and threatened us that they would mute us both if we continued. We did continue, and Lyfe did too, and in the end, I got muted. Only I did. I don't care if I get unmited or not, I just want Lyfe to be muted too like SunsetTraveller said when they joined. I think its complete crap that I get muted for life and Lyfe doesn't when she took as much part of the argument as I did, and she kept using excessive caps, even after being asked to stop repeatedly. But, I digress. Just unmute me because I was muted for only expressing my mind. ~Mistro


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I'll shorten your mute down to two days. I'll mute bee for 3.



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