Jojo's JrMod Application


I am 14 years of age and will be 15 in January.

I would love to become a JrMod because I've known this server for a couple of years now and I've grown with the community. To give thanks to them I am trying out for this position to help even more people get to know the brilliant community that is Sneyersul.

I am online every other day and if I get this position I will be certain to come on a lot more often. I am experienced in plugins and a little in programming since I took my computing GCSE exams early. I know my manners and can "keep my cool" as well as stopping others from disrespecting players.

I'm on skype everyday so that is the best way to contact me, my username is jojofapas.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope I get the spot :D

- Jojo


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Bit late...


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hey, she didn't realise. besides the applications part is still open seeing pat hasn't closed it so how was she meant to know.



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Fluff is a mean


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