Nochachos_'s Application

(My recent username was MrsNochos/Mrsnochos, and I have not gone by any other names)

I recently turned 14 as of the 17th c:

(Going to basically combine 3 and 4, as I'm too lazy to go back and seperate them)

I would like to be JrMod, and hopefully more some day, so I can help repair any "damages" to the community there have been. Don't get me wrong, Sneyersul has a wonderful community, it just has it's flaws. I obviously won't go into much more depth with this point seeing as it gets somewhat personal, but okay. Another issue is how the average numbers online has been dropping lately, compared to a year or so ago. To help this I would want to assist in boosting the advertisement of the server, and increase interest in the survival server. The survival server has sort of died as of late, and this saddens me because I know it used to, and can be, a very fun and competitive place to play. Currently, I feel as though some of the reprimands for rule breaking are not enforced enough, and players feel as though they can get away with things. Things such as hour longs mutes or short temporary bans may help to get some of the rule breaking and disrespect under control, therefore helping the community. Seeing as I don't have much of anything to call a "life", this would allow me to be on and help with the earlier things I stated c:

And last but not least, as for how you can contact me, I have a Skype, Kik, and Steam. All of which share more or less the same username, Mrsnochos.

Thank you for considering me as a part of the Sneyersul staff, and I really hope this round of JrMods will help to improve the server, as it really is an amazing place.


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Good luk 


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