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My name is Mistro, and before I get into this, I just want to start by saying that if I have offended any of you reading this in the past year or two, I am sorry. I get easily angered and sometimes, since in my real life I am so quiet, I come on here to RELEIVE stress, not gain it. So if I've been angered that day and I joined and something made me burst, I was just having a bad day. ONTO THE POST!

1. What is my age? I am currently 14 but I used to tell people that I was two years older than I really was, but that was just to make them respect me more than they do and not pull the "I'm older than you" card. I'm going to stop.

2. Why do I want to be Jr Mod? Because I think that over my years in mc and this server, I think I have gained some maturity and been able to handle my problems on my own and in a mature fashion. I can burst sometimes, but like I said earlier, I can handle things in a well format and I wont be unfair or any of that junky junk.

3. What can I bring to the server? Well, other than some young blood, I think I can bring more players here (Not too many, for I dont have many friends) AND I'm a semi good builder. I have never been staff on any server that wasnt owned by a friend, so this can be a learning experience for me. I also think that I could be a good staff. I wont favor anyone, I'll try my hardest at least. And also, I'm always on my pc, so I can always be on to monitor the place.

4. How can you contact me? Well, I have skype, I am always on, @mistromatthias, and I am mostly only on here and Mineplex, so you can find me on either one.

I hope you consider me, and if not, I'm ok with being just a normal VIP. Thanks for reading, at least! :)


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Good luck :P



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Good luck! ☆ ~('▽^人)


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Locking until the end. Best of luck.



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