ToxicatedMonkey//iDidYourMonkey's Jr/Trial-Moderator Application.


Before I start my application, I'd like to wish everyone good luck and I hope they're all taken into consideration. I've spent a lot of time on this and I'd appreciate it if you could take a couple minutes of your time to read this and give any feedback possible. Thanks! :)


IGN - My IGN is currently ToxicatedMonkey. I sometimes come on my alt account which is iDidYourMonkey, it's an inside joke. Some of my past usernames were  "KiingMonkey" and "ToxicatedMonkey1".  How old are you? - 


My current age is 13. I'm soon to turn 14, however. I personally don't think age always means maturity, as I can be mature at times, however, I understand that some players can become immature, due to their age.


Why do you want to be a Junior Moderator? - I would love to be staff because I spend at least 3 hours a day on Sneyersul, on the weekends, usually a lot more. I have been playing on Sneyersul for about 4 years now, and it was the first multiplayer server I properly got into. I feel it's time I contributed by becoming a staff member and helping out around the server, keeping it as welcoming and entertaining as possible. A reason you should choose me as staff is because I have had quite a lot of experience in being staff-members on servers, making me more professional.

This is what I'd do if someone were to break rules: 

Abusive Language/Racism/Swearing - 2 warnings, then a 5-10 minute mute, depending on what they said and how serious it was.

  Death/DDoS Threats - This is extremely serious. I would temp-ban them for 30 minutes.

  Disrespecting a Staff-Member/Player - 2 Warnings, then a 5-10 minute mute, also, depending on what they said and how serious it was. 

Breaking a chat rule - I'd give the player 2 warnings, then a 5-10 minute mute, depending on how serious it was and what happened. These times would continue, until it'd result in higher ranked staff members getting involved or larger punishments.

  I have been staff on the following servers: 







  I have been owner on 2 servers called 'ToxicatedPvP' and 'IgniteUHC', one was a UHC server, the other was a KitPvP server. They were both very successful and had up to 25 players on. 

I've also been Moderator on a server named "RazorPvP" twice now. I was staff first on their about a year ago, until it shutdown temporarily, but I wasn't re-promoted after, due to new staff-members. About 2 months ago, I was re-promoted to staff and I stayed as staff until about a week ago, when I resigned due to the server going no-where and the owner being lazy.

Here are the following times for Weekdays and Weekends I play:  Monday-Thursday (Weekdays): I play between 1-3 hours, it varies on what I have going on after school.  Friday: I play between 3-5 Hours, it depends on what time I get to my Dad's house.  Saturday-Sunday: Most likely about 7-8 hours.  NOTE: THESE WILL INCREASE IF I BECOME A STAFF MEMBER. BY AT LEAST AN HOUR. 

Here are some scenarios and my response.

Player puts an Ip in chat -

[player] NotSoDankMemer- fake.server.ip


[player]DankMemer – Haha get bann’d fgt!

Response- I would firstly, tell them not to consitently use capitals, as it causes chat to look 'spammy'. I would then tell them also not to keep the cussing to a minimal. I would then talk to them about advertising and the rule, and how it can result in a permanent ban, unless they appeal. But, I would most likely let them off with just a 1 day mute in that scenario because it was apparently accidental. If it wasn't accidental, I would instantly ban them with a link to the ban appeal section on the forums.

A player is threating to ddos the server –

[player] SuperOriginalPlayerName – Fuck this server imam ddos all of u and ur shittty fucking server. Stop teaming in diamond u fgts!

Response- I would tell them firstly to keep the cussing to a minimal, as there a younger people that play on this server and don't want to hear that kind of poor language. I would then mute them for 2-3 hours, as they were threatening to DDoS, and that is quite serious.


How would you contribute to the server as a staff member? You should choose me as staff is because I care for the people on the server, making sure no-one is bullied, needing help or is just unhappy in anyway. I would make sure the server is happy before I leave. You should also choose me because I am fully able to monitor the server, and even do things like building, etc.  I have been in the community for a long amount of time, therefore giving me a lot of experience with the types of players that play on this server, and how to deal with them in an appropriate and calm manner, so it doesn't disrupt other people's building/rp'ing etc. Being in the community for a long time also helps to get you to know players that have been around quite a while, therefore, I am very friendly/well-known in the community.  To finish off this part of my application, you should finally choose me for Jr. Moderator/Trial-Moderator because of my ability to stay calm in events that may frustrate and annoy other potential staff-members, maybe even pushing them to cuss and break rules. I will NOT do this, I can guarantee because I know I will stay calm in very frustrating scenarios like that, I will therefore deal with the person appropriately and move on, making sure the issue is sorted. 

 How can we contact you if you are chosen for the spot? You can contact me over skype which I will message any staff-member if it's wanted. You can also contact me over kik, ts anything like that, just message me for that information, however, skype is preferred!

Any other information? -  Thank you all so much for taking some of your own time to read my application, it took my quite a while and it'd be appreciated if it was taken into consideration, as I reckon I could be a great staff-member! Feel free to ask questions, infact, I'd like some enquiries. Feedback is also appreciated! Thanks, -ToxicatedMonkey.

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good luck my friend!



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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback! :)


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Good luck!  (^з^)-☆


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Thank you! ^-^


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Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ



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not as gay as me though


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Best of luck to you!


I will clarify though, in the event of a DDoS threat you can simply ban them for the day and inform a higher up. We can either let it be or handle it accordingly. o:



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Alright, thanks for the clarification, Vita. I appreciate it.


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