Junior Moderator Applications of 2015.



Howdy people of Sneyersul.

Today I am proud to announce our staff applications are now open!

Now, To start off, We have some guidelines we will like you to follow, With that being said;


1. You will start by naming your application your current user name and state your previous username if changed so we can have an idea of who you are.


2. How old are you currently? We'd appreciate if you do not give a false age.  


3. Why do you want to be a Junior Moderator? In this section the truth and nothing but the truth must be stated. We'd appreciate that you be honest with what you put here so we know how worthy you will be to join amongst the staff team.


4. How will you contribute to the server as a staff member? Once again, be honest.


And finally,


5. How can we contact you if you're chosen? Any form of social media will be appreciate, most likely skype.  

If you do not follow these guidelines your application will be removed. Thank you and goodluck!




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