1.Why were you banned? I was ben for threatening the server.         Sorry

2. When were you banned? I think it was around 2 months ago

3. Why do you deserve to be unbanned? I wont do it again it has bean 2 months i now know not to do it and i have changed a lot. I have been a part of sneyersul for a long time now. It wouldnt be the same without me. I help lots of people. I bought V.I.P and i would demand a refund if i dont get unban. I have reflected on my mistakes and I believe I am ready to return. I am greatful to  ReiSuzuya_ for banning me as I deserved it a lot. I have matured a lot and think I am ready to return as I stated before.

I would miss sneyersul.


P.S sorry for threatening the server and anything i have done in the past, Please forgive me and give me a chance I was just angry because when i was at lukes house she said she dident care that i said hi. Sorry to anyone alce and please forgive me and unbam me.


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Go back to the post before this and click the link mentioned and read the bottom text. 



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