1.Why were you banned?For Advertising through message TO  A FRIEND (Silver12X)

2. When were you banned? AROUND 21:15 british time

3. Why do you deserve to be unbanned?because Tons of people do it, i have been a part of the sneyersul crew for a long time, it wouldnt be the same without me, I help TONS of people(as many as i can), i bought V.I.P and i would demand a refund, i would miss sneyersul and it was to a friend through message so no-one els could see it!!!


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Whether trying to  make it so no one else didnt see it, I still did. Even before you did it I said "I wouldn't do that if I was you :p". 

I'll be nice and shorten it down to 5days and warn you. If you do it again whether hiding it or not, The ban will stay.


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