1. i have no idar

2. at like 6:37 newzealand time

3. because i was ban for no reson omg and you should take mod of who ever ban me i dont know there ign (In Game Name)


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1. You were muted by nyehwweh for being annoying as for not listening when told to stop by her more than once.

2. I banned you because of the language you used.

[2015-02-13 05:33] /WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU I KNOW YOU CAN SEE THIS [2015-02-13 05:33] /GET A LIFE YOU PORE OLD LOSER [2015-02-13 05:34] /R YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO MUTE MR YOU SON OF A BITCH [2015-02-13 05:34] /R LOL

Its Temp, so you can wait it out. If it happens again you will be permanently Banned



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