Ban Appeal


Title: Moderngamer13

1. Why were you banned? I deliberately crashing the server

2. When were you banned? 12/22/2014

3. Why do you deserve to be unbanned? I am terribly sorry that I kept crashing the server, my friend was doing it and he told me to, I thought it would be funny when people didn't know what was happening and asking questions, I love the server, I have been playing on this server for a while and it's a fun server to go on, seeing pixel art, unique structures, I just want to get back on it, if you don't unban me I understand thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.


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People's buildings were lost as a result of the crashes. I can allow you back on the server, but not with access to WorldEdit. Your payments for VIP membership have been refunded so you can go spend it somewhere else.


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