For adog907


This is for adog907, because he doesn't have a account and can't get one 'cuz he needs to be on the server to do so. (I think)

Why was he banned: I guess for griefing

When: Sometime last night.

Why should he be unbanned: I know him IRL, he is one of my best friends and i know he would never do anything to hurt someone or something. I was not there myself when he was banned, and don't know who got him banned, but i know he wouldn't do something to someone/something on perpose. He loves Sney, and i think (Hopfully) him getting banned was some misunderstanding. Him and livykel are Family to me, and i would hate to never be able to play on Sney with either of them. Word for word, please think about it.

Thank you guys for your time.

-adog907, and snoodz :D

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There you go. If he gets reported for griefing anytime soon its staying perm.



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