Recently, I was banned for 14 days for reason which I don't know of. Now I'm banned for I think permanantly for '90 + Diamonds isn't fair, monkeyboy.' I worked for them fucking diamonds. I didn't 'x-ray' for them or 'hack' for them. These people who spread rumors which aren't true are liars. Dirty      Fucking        Liars. I should be unbanned as I didn't x-ray for diamonds and I earnt them, like I earnt everything else. Now please, whoever thinks I hack, get a fucking grip. Have you seen Vaktovia and Spectral? They have such OP Shit. No-one says they x-ray. They have most likely double the amount of diamonds I have. I spent time earning them, now I want to be unbanned. So get        a       fucking     grip.


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Unbanned from survival since you couldn't have been using x-ray.


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I'm begging for the unban from creative and unmute on survival too. I realise I was being immature and saying Momo abused but at that time I had no sleep, had a really shit day and I need to talk to some of my bezzies on sney sney. <3. And I really just thought momo abused because earlier that day helped out with a spawner thing and it was just a bit weird how the faction momo was in raided me. I feel lonely. Plox I phen. :c



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I'll get on and do that now



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