Hi, So i was on another Server, and then i Came to go on Sneyersul and it said "Banned:Annoying players when youve been asked to stop in the past". Now i know i have been sort of wandering around GhostCantDie (Chewy_Pewp_Bar) and SusanRose21's plots, But does that have to be a perm ban? I havent got any warnings about that Specific topic, Only 5 minutes before i attempted to go on sney, WillowedAngel Skyped me saying "Please dont annoy Susan and Ghost by wandering around their plots, or i will have to Perm-Ban you". I said Ok i wont do it again to her on skype. All of a sudden, I go on Sney and Boom. Banned. :/


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I havent got any warnings about that Specific topic

Maybe not an official /warn, but you know fine rightly I've asked you to stop loads, and have even resorted to tp'ing you elsewhere to get you to stop.

 But does that have to be a perm ban?

Yes. The reason why it wasn't permanent from Lily was because she didn't know that you already have done this in the past to players, whereas I do know and have asked you to stop, and you didn't. Not to mention arrow grief, trying to bypass a plot deny, trying to talk to people you thought you were ignored to to try get their attention when they don't like you or you don't like them, item drop grief and trying to talk in plotchat to them (bare in mind these offences all apply to one person - let's not go into what others say or how you've crashed the server a lot) I think this ban is justified. You've never learned, so bye.



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Removed unnecessary post - there is no need for any attacks. Keep it on topic.


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