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Okay like wuuutttt.... I was giving my friend a book and quill with a server in it and Lily aka WillowedAngel says, "you know thats advertising right?" I'm replied what? She replied saying you just advertised and then I said g2g someone is calling me. I then go to join about a minute later and Lily (aka WillowedAngel) has appartently banned me for 'advertising'. Now this is the thing. Isn't advertising when you say it in chat? Because either way that's what I've been told. If you were not allowed to advertise in a book aswell it would say so.

Lily and I have been having some problems lately. Well I've been trying to say sorry and she has been just saying no. This has been happening for about maybe 1 month or 2. And personally I think she banned me because well she hates me.

I'd like to be unbanned, Lily stop being childish please and forgive and don't think you can ban me for doing nothing wrong.

Bye bye, peace out Sneyersul



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Advertising a game server is not allowed in any form, whether it be in chat, books, signs or anywhere else.


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Pat, but then how else are you supposed to get servers around. I was on a server and I hadn't known about this server yet and it was a no advertising server, staff were on everyday, every minute, every second. Anyways but yeah it was a NO ADVERTISING server and they didn't care that someone wrote it in a book and quill. I think plenty of people do it and they don't get banned for it. It just always happens to be me. Well if you say so I guess can I please have an unban?



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If you knew it was bannable, why did you do it in the first place? There are many ways to send the IP around, tell your friends your Skype, Kik, or whatever.

Advertising isn't allowed in any shape or form as Pat said above..



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