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As the dawn of the first soul world came upon the world everything became unbalanced. Death and life had no more meaning, tampering with the gods and the living beings around the world. Though the soul world was for the dead any soul could exit without permission causing the balance too tilt. Now the living and some of the gods battle upon the souls that entered reality and finally lock the soul world as we know it. Returning the balance of the dimensions.

~Rules~ Though many do not follow the rules or say that it is too many. I want too create a polite and free argument enviroment. So if you cannot follow the rules too bad <3.

1. Please do not go and make an OP character.

2. You must know the basics of Rp and have decent grammar.

3. Make sure you have fun and please be polite.


Character Sheet.

Appearance - Can use a picture of any kind.

Name - 

Gender -

Age - (13 and none bellow the age of 40)

Powers - 

Bio - 



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May i join? (Always need to ask first. :3)

Minecraft didn't change my life, it is my life.


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I'll Join! I will try my best not to be OP.

appearence: my skin

name: Aurora

Gender: female

age: ??? (lost memory)

powers: summon dim light, light level increases with my fear level

bio: ended up here without memory. left only with a few thoughts, a flashlight, a small knife, and my power.


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Appearance - My skin Name - Gilan Gender - Male Age - 18 Powers - Invisibility, stealth able to defy gravity Bio - (Haven't thought of this yet)


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may grammer iz amasi


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