Admins abusing power


Admins abused there powers and they claimed our land then flew to get to us. they flew in combat and they broke server rules.

Please provide names of the admins who abused you and try to remember what time (with timezone) this occured. The logs are huge so it would help if you could provide more information about this issue. Thank you.


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[color=blue]Okay. First of all, Admins are allowed to use /fly as long as they are not using it whilst attacking or being attacked. Second of all, I did not /tp to you while you were at your base. I used /getpos which I'm allowed to use since it's a VIP perk. Third, We could obviously claim over your land since you two had negative -19 power. In factions if a faction has negative power their land is vulnerable to anyone strong enough to claim over. I, Zyktik, did not break and rules and I would appreciate it if you'd read up on your Minecraft and server facts before you go accusing me of doing such. Thanks; Zyktik.


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[color=blue]^^^^^^^^ You know it!! -Zyktik


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