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Survival Statistics

Published 2017-04-14

View your Survival Statistics! It has only recently started taking in information, so expect there to be missing data and other incorrect statistics, enjoy.

Survival Update 1.11.2

Published 2017-04-13

We've finally finished the survival server many have been asking for, adding plenty of new plugins and a brand new world. We hope to create a larger player base once again and keep expanding further. Please note the server supports clients from 1.4.7 to 1.11.2, but we recommend using the latest version for complete compatibility.

Creative Update 1.11.2

Published 2017-04-04

Recently the server was updated to 1.11.2, alongside with that we added a few fun plugins. Mainly PlotSquared which replaced the outdated PlotMe plugin, you can find out more on the Forums.